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eManaged’s Enterprise Ethernet

Enterprise ethernet is a high bandwidth way for businesses to connect their Local Area Networks (LANs) with the internet, streamlining the performance of their Wide Area Networks (Internet). That way even if your LANs only span a few rooms or multiple buildings, your devices will always be able to connect to your business’ internal servers, web servers, and other LANs via the internet.

Enterprise Ethernet (Internet) is delivered via a fiber optic cable and is capable of symmetrical upload and download speeds from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps, making it an attractive option for companies that have a larger size and demand.

Enterprise ethernet was at one point an option that was really only available to Australia’s more prominent businesses at a prohibitive cost that was just too expensive for the average business. However, a new initiative has made it possible for businesses, within the correct zone, cost-effective enterprise ethernet.

Why is Enterprise Ethernet Right for Your Business?

These connections can offer your business a big range of advantages such as granting you direct access to your business’ data centers via the internet, as well as providing significant gains in availability, speed, and security. Other benefits include:

  • Speed – Enterprise ethernet is capable of symmetrical speeds of 10Mbps up to 1Gbps. So the applications that your business uses in its day-to-day like cloud computing and video conferencing that are running over the internet and connecting multiple business premises, work smoothly and without interruption thanks to the increased bandwidth speeds.
  • Reliability – A wired connection such as a fiber optic cable is much more reliable, not being at risk of interference like when using a wireless connection.
  • Control –  You will have complete control over your wired network and be able to outright control who can access it, allowing you to prevent threats or from becoming overloaded with non-business critical traffic.
  • Value – After the initial investment to get your business set up, enterprise ethernet is a more affordable option for businesses.

eManaged’s Enterprise Ethernet is designed to meet the needs of businesses with high bandwidth requirements, such as those operating enterprise network systems and cloud-based solutions. Enterprise Ethernet is the ideal choice for powering cloud services, IP phone systems, video, audio, and other end-user services and, if you’re a larger business with larger demands, upgrading to eManaged’s Enterprise Ethernet is an excellent way to future-proof your organisation.

eManaged has partnered with Aussie Broadband to offer Enterprise Ethernet at a great value rate and with a great range of features including:

  • Installation (with SLA)
  • 10Mbps to 1Gbps symmetrical speeds
  • 3-class service traffic prioritisation
  • 24/7 Australian-based expert support
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee

If you're interested in drastically improving the quality of your business’ connection to the internet, simply fill out the form on this page to get started, or you can give us a call at 1300 363 308 to learn more about enterprise ethernet.

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