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eManaged is expanding their team - Business Development Manager - Dean Murtagh


Most organisations believe that their IT support and setup is 'fine' but at eManaged we don't measure our success on our response/fix times and how much our techs go out of their way to fix a disaster. Our proactive approach is rectifies and informs our clients of potential issues before they occur and we measure our success on the number of tickets we have prevented. This allows us to spend our time proactively managing our client's IT so they can focus on growing their organization knowing they can trust their systems to perform when they are needed most.

About Dean

Moving to Mildura as a youngster over 20 years ago, Dean has certainly cemented his life in the region. After school, a few years at Ballarat University saw him obtain a Business Degree, which kick started his passion for all things business and technology. Upon moving home, every job Dean has had, has been technology related, initially in retail with the Telstra Shop Mildura, and then direct to business when he moved to Viatek where he developed the market for Xerox Multi-Function Devices.

It was this change into the business-to-business world that Dean really found his passion. With a constant thirst for knowledge, new challenges and improving businesses, Dean is well positioned to gain an understanding of what's important to your business. Approachable, open and an honest, Dean has been able to build trusting relationships, leading to fantastic business outcomes for his clients.

A family focused man, Dean spends plenty of time with his young family, making the most of Mildura's great weather. He loves spending time in the kitchen trying out new things, is always up for some time out on the river and is fond of a game of golf.

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